The Parkside

Functional. Elegant. Innovative.


The Parkside bus shelter combines elegant aesthetics and modern technology into one exceptional amenity. The shelter is supported by a central steel frame and coated in a high-grade polyethylene that ensures the unit remains low maintenance and durable. The frame holds floating glass-panel walls that offer a 360-degree-interior/exterior view, and also lend a light and airy feel to the unit. The Parkside is sure to be both a functional and attractive addition to your city’s streetscape!


The Parkside features a central galvanized steel frame that is coated in high-grade polyethylene which ensures that the unit remains virtually maintenance-free. The Parkside will never need painting, will never rust, nor fade or discolor, even in the most extreme weather conditions. The frame of the shelter holds glass-panel walls that not only offer a light and clean aesthetic appeal, but also provide 360-degree interior and exterior visibility. The glass panels are held up by the frame and “float”, which allow for top and bottom cross-ventilation inside the shelter. The roof of the shelter is sloped downwards towards the rear which will allow water and snow to drain away from the unit. The Parkside also features a compact ad panel that is tucked discreetly under the roof panel as to not distract from the city’s streetscape. The modular design of the Parkside also allows larger configuration options in increments of 5 feet and can be color-matched to suit any municipal requirements.



Interior Floor Space
5 ft x 10 ft. and expandable in 5 ft x 5 ft optional modules

6-9 people.
ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible

Heavy-duty galvanized steel, high-grade polyethylene and glass

Anchored to concrete pad

Message Board
Area per single face: 71″ L x 20.5″ W