The Concourse

Versatile. Modern. Innovative.


The Concourse is a complete street furniture system that offers a variety of modules including: seating, waste and recycling receptacles, a publication distribution center, an ad space, and bike racks. The versatility and modularity of the Concourse is virtually unmatched in the street furniture industry. 


The fence-like construction of the Concourse allows the various modules to almost “hang” off of the fixed poles. This design provides the opportunity for your city to incorporate however many modules you require. Every module is made from UV and vandal-resistant polyethylene which ensures the unit’s durability and weather resistance. Every module of the Concourse can be color-matched to your city’s current street furniture and/or specifications.



Polyethylene, Aluminum and Steel



Dependent on the chosen configuration.

93″ L x 37″ H x 46″ W

Bolted to concrete surface.

Board Messaging
Area per single face:
71″ L x 20.5″ W


The Seating Module

The seating module of the Concourse offers three seats, each with their own armrests. The seating module (including the armrests made from aluminum) can be customized to match any existing color scheme currently in your city.

The Recycling Station

The recycling and waste station module will allow your city to further promote the importance of recycling while aligning your curbside recycling program with a highly visible on-street recycling program. The recycling station can be be configured as a standalone unit or as part of a larger Concourse unit with multiple modules. This unit has three interchangeable openings (bottles/cans, paper products and waste) that can be customized to suit the traffic flow at a particular location.

The Publication Distribution Center

The Concourse’s Publication Distribution Center will eliminate the clutter and litter found on city streets caused by the many free local publications. The distribution center provides free housing for your local newspaper publishers and allows your city to finally take control of the litter and disarray caused by old, defective newspaper boxes. This module will provides your city’s streetscape with a consistent, clean look that your residents are sure to appreciate!

The Bike Rack Module

The Concourse’s Bike Rack Module will aid in the your city’s mission to promote an environmentally-friendly means of transportation. The Bike Rack Module is made from both stainless steel and aluminum and is consistent in appearance to all other Concourse modules. It can either be attached to the end of another module post or can stand alone – the choice is yours.

The Ad Panel Module

The Concourse’s Ad Panel Module is standard with the Concourse unit and provides a marketing platform for local businesses in your city. The ad panel measures 71″ by 20.5″ and is tucked neatly under the top lip of the module. The top of the module also features a customizable, aluminum signature panel for your city’s transit provider to occupy if they wish. Like all of the Concourse’s modules, the ad panel itself is also graffiti-resistant due to its second-surface, lexan construction.