Maintenance Programs 

HUGE Advantages with COA:

  • Incredible “Proof-of-Performance” Technology! Know what was done immediately!
  • Quickly and easily determine the current maintenance status of any given amenity locations – 24/7
  • Detailed and customized maintenance reports ALWAYS available, in any format (excel, word pdf etc.) as well as
    sales and financial reports can be easily extracted from COA’s database and delivered electronically
  • COA leads the industry in providing their clients with state-of-the-art maintenance procedures, tracking and reporting systems

Our People:

  • COA employs a local maintenance work force trained and supported by experienced COA people!


  • Cleaning the ad panel and making sure it is free of dirt and graffiti
  • Removing the garbage from around the unit
  • The clearing away of snow from the unit and the advertising face
  • The removal of any overgrown grass or weeds from around the unit
  • The removal of graffiti from the unit and advertising face
  • Cleaning of the entire outside surface of the unit and
    wiping the bottom so that is free of mud, road salt etc.
  • The repairing of the unit; this may involve
    re-anchoring the unit or replacing damaged parts
  • The pressure washing of units
    (usually on a semi-annual basis)
  • Recording the broadcasting all maintenance activities
    live (using MDaCS) for review by Municipal Partners and COA staff

COA will look after every aspect of the program;
it is completely turnkey!