COA: The Company

Over 25 Years old… Over 150 Towns and Cities!
Over 4000 Advertising Clients! Over 8000 Units on the street!

Little Known Fact

We are by far the largest in our industry segment in North America,  with more than double the sales of our next competitor!

Creative Outdoor Advertising has over 25 years of experience in providing StreetScaping™ programs to over 150 municipalities and transit authorities across North America. 

Our StreetScaping™ programs are best described as the provisioning of street furniture, primarily benches, waste/recycling bins and transit shelters, at bus/transit stops. The StreetScaping™ program includes the maintenance and servicing of all of our street furniture, including unit installation, repair, replacement, AND the collection of waste and recyclable materials where we provide bins or benches with trash receptacles.

We can tailor a StreetScaping™ program to suit the needs of a particular market. Our goal is to work in partnership with local government and transit authorities to provide a superior product and service to both our municipal clients and our advertising clients.

We budget a large portion of our resources annually to the continued research and development of superior products and services for our clients and for the end-users of our products.

Our many years in the industry have given us a clear insight into what works and what doesn’t. We have an appreciation of our clients and their particular needs and put at their disposal our experience, our proven track record and our many resources.

We provide marketing, sales and maintenance to over 8000 amenity units and we effectively manage over 4,000 sponsorship clients.Thanks to our superior customer service, COA enjoys a 75% advertiser renewal rate, and an 80% occupancy level, which results in a strong program for both the advertisers, the City and its Transit System.

Our Growth

  • COA prides itself on the fact that we have never missed a payment to any Municipality or County!
  • Over the past 5 years, COA has enjoyed an unprecedented growth rate of 17% per year.

This is Due to:

  • Our Product Offerings – Functional, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing
  • Out Service Data Systems – Extensive experience integrating the latest proof-of-activity technology
  • Our Marketing/Sales Strategy – Yields the highest occupancy and satisfaction rate (98%) in the industry
  • Our Maintenance Procedures – Keeping sites in “Showcase” conditions

Being focused solely on public sponsorship programs has allowed COA to reach growth rates that are unmatched in today`s street furniture advertising industry!