The Competition

COA’s Advantages

  • Our software control systems are real time – Municipal Partners will see new data live!
  • Every one of our street service personnel carry hand-held scanners that constantly broadcast live maintenance data to our central database. We use this information to manage our business and we share it with our Municipal Partners.
  • Our WebPortLive is truly interactive, allowing municipal partners to:
    – Create Work Orders for street service personnel in REAL TIME
    – View real-time maintenance data
  • All of our products are modular, allowing for rapid on-site repair.
  • We own our designs and our products are built of vastly superior recycled materials.
  • Our products are of superior quality with proven durability and aesthetic longevity.
  • Our comprehensive Marketing Programs produce substantially higher client occupancy rates and yields across North America.



  • Check the competition credentials carefully; in fact check our credentials carefully!!!
  • Call a wide variety of references!
  • Make yourself comfortable that what is promised will be delivered!
  • What you often see on the street (see picture) is different from what was promised.