Why We’re the Largest

Our People

Incorporated in 1984, COA continues to provide outstanding service to its municipal partners thanks to its dedicated employees.

Why COA Stands Out

  • By far, the primary choice across North America
  • More experience providing street furniture than ANY other firm
  • Local area offices manned and run by area residents
  • The highest revenue per unit paid to municipal partners
  • The widest range of unique street furniture designs available
  • Municipal partners enjoy the use of unsold advertising space
  • The highest yields and occupancy rates in the industry

Our Training

COA’s on-street amenity programs are fully funded through local business sponsorship, which is  why our programs are, and always will be cost-free to our municipal partners.

The development of a well-trained, educated and focused Sales and Marketing team has always been COA’s greatest investment in itself. COA’s extensive and ongoing training ensures we are always tuned in to the needs of local businesses.

COA’s training includes:

  • “Sign U” – Classroom training
  • Mentoring – Meeting local businesses with a trainer
  • Webinar training support
  • Workshop and field training
  • Daily reporting to the Sales Manager