The Avenue Bench

Imagine a street furniture system so innovative that it can physically adapt to the ever-changing needs of its location as the area around it evolves and grows!

Imagine a municipal street amenity which can be upgraded, (without the need for excavation, replacement or re- installation) to provide additional services to the community.

Functional design and innovation construction have come together in the “Avenue”. Streetsmart design and aesthetically pleasing, the Avenue is highly vandal resistant.

The Avenue seats 3-4 transit users and is designed specially with all smooth and rounded corners for the comfort and safety of the public. The long lasting durable custom color powder-coat ensures that the unit lasts up to 15 years.

The Avenue is secured using an anchored installation and can be customized to include armrests and the city logo.

COA designed the Avenue bench from the ground up to be accessible to any City and be affordable to local small business advertisers. The Avenue bench is 100% wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

The Avenue is designed to be COMPLETELY recyclable. Aluminum is a highly sought-after recyclable, and its natural corrosion resistance ensures structural integrity for the life of the product!

Avenue- Dimensions

The coating process consist of surface preparation with sand blazing and zin-based primer.

Avenue Ad Panel: 24″ x 72″ or 96″

All signs are fully encased in a unique pressure fitted frame with no sharp edges, splinters, nails or screws. Once installed by COA’s fully trained maintenance specialists, the ad panel is virtually impossible to open without the use of specialized tools.


The Avenue unit is of primarily aluminum construction for high durability and the coating process consists of surface preparation with sand blazing and zinc-based primer. The long lasting 15-year durable custom color powder-coat uses AMAA certified coating for long lasting finish.

The display panel consists of backboard panel with protective clear polycarbonate (Lexan) sheet over printed sign.

General Specifications

  • Seats 3-4 transit users
  • All smooth & rounded corners for comfort and public safety
  • Secure anchored installation
  • Customization i.e. Armrest option, city logos and various features
  • Anti-Graffiti coating
  • Ad panel includes a protective Lexan panel 

Bench Materials

  • 100% Treated heavy steel and aluminum
  • Unique, “Vandal Resistant” 2nd surface signage
  • No exposed hardware
  • Long lasting 1 5-year durable custom color powder-coat using AMAA certified coating