Using a Sign

What Should My Sign Say?

Your sign message will be read, but the question is, how do you get the reader (i.e. your target market) to act on it? Moreover, what is the right Call-To-Action?

    There are a lot of different approaches taken when it comes to sign content, but we believe that clarity is the key to successful communication.

    We believe you should:

    • Make Your Content Clear
    • Make Your Content Leible

    There are also some important things we feel you should remember when deciding on a message, especially when it comes to your audience. If your audience consists of:

    1. Passers-by that will see your sign on a regular basis, your message needs to remind them that your are best in the area or better than all of your competitors for reason “x”, “y” and “z”!

    Ex: “We have the highest closing rates in New York City!”

    2. Passers-by who are just passing through, your message must be an immediate Call to Action in order to get them through your front doors while you have the chance!

    Ex: “Hungry? John’s Fish and Chips is just ahead on your right!”

    Your sign will be read, but how the audience acts depends on the message. COA houses a department of design experts ready and willing to serve your design requests, so feel free to let COA’s design experts assist you in designing your sign images and messaging come design time!