Growth in the Use of Signs by Small and Medium-Sized Businesses 

Outdoor advertising and signage has literally "taken off" over the past few years. This is because outdoor signs have become such a strong form of Anchor Marketing.

Anchor Marketing provides vital reminders and message repetition to an audience in order to support all of the other forms of marketing. Also, due to the recession there has been a tremendous rise in the use of geographically-targeted outdoor signs because of its cost effectiveness.


COA's signs:

    Geographically target your audience (i.e. Speak to them where they work or live)
      Keep the message simple, and
        Talk to your audience constantly (i.e. market repeatedly)
        You'll have the best chances of reaching your target market, making them aware of who you are and influencing them in a positive way. While repeat marketing is generally expensive, using repeat marketing with certain forms of outdoor advertising is not! 
        This is why we are seeing such huge growth in the demand for outdoor signs and outdoor marketing!! They are, simply put, much more affordable!
        Outdoor Advertising allows for:
        1. Geographic targeting 
        2. Repetition 
        3. Cost effectiveness
        4. Clear messaging
        5. Anchor media support
        Click here to read why the Pros feel that Outdoor Signs are becoming disproportionately popular, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses!

        Use your marketing dollars wisely!
        Remember that a strong Anchor will fortify all of a business' marketing initiatives!