Seniors excited about new bus shelter in Bradford

Oct 24, 2019 | Cities And Towns, Recycle Media, Signs and Advertising

COA’s newest bus shelter in the Town of Bradford was met with excitement by nearby apartment residents.

The apartment residents, who are mostly seniors, use transit services frequently and are very happy to see the new bus shelter outside their front door.

“One of the residents who lives in the apartments, Corrine Williams said she is happy to have the new shelter finally in place

A lot of seniors use this (bus stop), she said.”

“Sue Ford has lived in the apartments since 2010, she uses CHATS services quite frequently, and said she will be using the new shelter more often in the near future”

This is the 12th bus shelter that has been installed in the Town of Bradford since 2014, and there are currently 20 benches in the town that were just installed last year with more benches coming soon.

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