Producing Your Sign

Jul 18, 2019 | Cities And Towns, Signs and Advertising

Our production team will guide you through the creation and the design process of your outdoor sign.

To get started, our team needs to know your thoughts and what you want everyone to see on the street once your sign is installed. To better meet your expectations, your input is very important.

The combination of your vision with our team’s expertise on effective street sign design, will ensure your sign will be easy to read, and have a clear message to promote your presence in your desired market.

While we will design your sign, we are not a marketing company and creating marketing branding concepts is out of our scope. Besides, you already have a active business and you need us to make you more visible 24/7 and 365 days a year!

To get started, your part of the process is to send over your HIGH-RESOLUTION files (2 MB and 300 dpi). Basically, these are very large files we can blow up as large as we need for your sign while maintaining the shape and quality of your graphics. Blurry signs are not a good representation of your business!

If you’re not sure you have such files, just send over what you have, and our Production team will guide you.

“What if I don’t have high resolution files?” Most likely you do and if not, we offer two options.

We recreate a similar look of your logo. The overall look of your graphics will be similar but not identical. There are no extra fees.
We rebuild your logo. You will receive a high-resolution file of the rebuilt logo to keep for your future use. The logo will also be incorporated into the design of your sign.
An extra fee applies (a quote will be generated based on the complexity of your logo). Our fees are very reasonable and are just to pay for the time of our designers.

If you wish to include a photo on the sign, remember that we can’t work with a picture of your picture or a scan of your picture. We also can’t use your photo from your business card example (unless it’s the editable file).

Think of this process like baking a cake. You see a picture of a delicious cake and want to make it. Can you make it if you don’t have the ingredients? Probably not.

The same goes for the design of your sign. We need the ingredients (your logo, photo and text information) to make your sign.

Once we have the elements the elements we can work with, our Production team will carefully arrange the components into the desired layout – the goal is a sign that is easy to read so your message is clear.

Keep in mind that your sign is like the sign on the front door of your business. You will not list all of your services and products there, nor should you with your outdoor signs. LESS IS MORE. The sign is not a resume, a brochure or a newspaper ad. If your signs look like the example below, your message will be lost.