Just in from Burlington Gazette

Jun 9, 2016 | Cities And Towns, Recycle Media, Signs and Advertising

In a media release the city said: “In order to add comfort and enhance customer service, Burlington Transit is adding benches to 57 bus stops around the city. Some bench installations will require a concrete slab to be poured first.”

Maybe service is going to become so sporadic and unreliable that they want customers to at least have a place to sit while they wait?

Doug Brown, a transit rider, “I and all bus user’s will certainly welcome more benches.  It is a capital budget item – so shouldn’t impact on the operational budget and service frequency.  With some routes having one hour day-time headways, bus users certainly need a place to sit down.  As for the comment that the benches are not needed – just look at the numbers, 3 million boardings a year.”

The locations were chosen based on areas that have busier pedestrian and vehicular traffic and public space available.

“Providing benches will provide a more comfortable place to rest while waiting for a bus,” said Mike Spicer, director, Burlington Transit. “Taking Burlington Transit should be a pleasant experience and it begins at the bus stop.”

The bench expansion with Creative Outdoor Advertising is already underway and will continue as weather permits throughout the summer and into the fall, if needed.

For more information, please visit: Burlington Transit is adding benches to 57 bus stops around the city