Ajax Announces a New, No Cost Partnership to Fight Litter

Aug 13, 2020 | Cities And Towns, Recycle Media, Signs and Advertising

Fom Ajax65:

Ajax Council is pleased to announce a partnership with Creative Outdoor Advertising to increase the availability of three-stream waste receptacles in high traffic locations around town. A total of 31 receptacles will be installed in a variety of locations across Ajax with future opportunities to expand.

Benefits of this partnership include:
The Town receives installation of 31, three-stream waste receptacles with no-cost waste removal and cost-sharing of advertising revenues;
Creative Outdoor Advertising provides advertising space to local businesses, which pays for the waste removal;
Local businesses have additional access to affordable advertising opportunities; and
Residents benefit from increased availability of waste receptacles, with no burden on their tax bills.


“As part of my commitment to the Ajax community, we are continually looking for new and creative ways to reduce costs and increase non-tax revenues. This partnership supports Ajax Council’s war on litter and focus on community beautification, while providing a new advertising opportunity for local businesses. Truly a win-win.”

– Mayor Shaun Collier, Town of Ajax


“Creative Outdoor Advertising is excited to be able to partner with the Town of Ajax. Not only will this program help keep the streets and bus stops of Ajax clean free of charge, it will also help the grassroots business owners promote themselves cost-effectively to the residents who live and work in the area. Creative Outdoor has partnered with over 300 Municipalities and transit systems across North America and we expect to have a wonderful working relationship with the Town.”

– Marc Oosterholt, Creative Outdoor Advertising

Quick Facts

  • The Town of Ajax and Ajax Council are committed to pursuing innovative and creative ways of providing enhanced service to residents and businesses.
  • Installation of all 31 receptacles will be completed by mid-August.
  • This partnership supports the Town’s 20/20 Focus and Strategic Plan by providing a new, non-tax revenue source, and no-cost service delivery while supporting business recovery.

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