ReUsers Club

The ReUsers Club is a program developed to support COA's Public Space recycling programs.

It is intended to be used as an educational support system.

Recycle Media is COA's educational division.  COA will make available Recycle Media educational resources available to schools and groups on an ongoing basis throughout the term of the contract (not just during the program launch). The ReUsers Club program is targeted at younger school age children.  The program introduces children to a fun group of characters representing many things we can recycle and reinforces the recycling message. Resource material includes coloring books stickers, recycling activities and crafts and puzzles as well as a teacher's tutorial.

Recycle Media has developed characters that represent the materials we can recycle and children can follow their adventures learning about what happens to our environment if they are not recycled and the different products they can be transformed in to through recycling.

Most of this material is designed to be used at an early education level.  The appeal to children, whose behavior can be most impacted, has been very successful in other communities.