Who We Are

Our Record

  • COA`s business since 1984 has been fueled by the successful implementation of locally sponsored, cost-free, fully serviced amenity programs.
  • 28 years providing street furniture programs to Municipal and Transit Clients
  • By far the LARGEST in our industry segment in North America, with more than double the sales of our next competitor
  • Over 150 Municipal Partners throughout North America
  • Over 8,000 units in place
  • Has NEVER lost a Municipal contract 

Our Growth

  • COA prides itself on the fact that we have never missed a payment to any Municipality or County!
  • Over the past 5 years, COA has enjoyed an unprecedented growth rate of 17% per year. 
This can be attributed to our excellence in the following areas:

    • Our Product Offerings - Functional, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing
    • Out Service Data Systems - Extensive experience integrating the latest proof-of-activity technology
    • Our Marketing/Sales Strategy - Yields the highest occupancy and satisfaction rate (98%) in the industry
    • Our Maintenance Procedures - Keeping sites in `Showcase` conditions

Being focused solely on public sponsorship programs has allowed COA to reach growth rates that are unmatched in today`s street furniture advertising industry!