Proof-of-Performance Technology


MDaCS - Maintenance and Data Collection Systems

On-Site Laser Scanning... 
  • Real-time connection to WebPortLive
  • Real-time Proof of Activity (POA)
  • Automatic email completion notice from the site of activity

WebPortLive - Web Portal 24/7


Visible access to ALL of COA's sites including:


  • Site Images
  • Real-time maintenance activities
  • Full site listing
  • Mapping
  • Download user-customized reports in Word, Excel and/or PDF

ADDS - Automatic Data Distribution System

Automatic customized data distribution to the user based on a predetermined
frequency. Detailed and customized reports may include (but are not limited to):

  •  A list of sponsors
  • Type and current rates charged to sponsors
  • Annual collected revenue data, included with each payment to the transit system/municipality
  • Unit location inventory